About Orenda

The Native American Iroquoi tribe used the word “Orenda” to describe the mystical force  present in all people that empowers them to affect the world and to effect changes in their own lives. It is our objective to help people and organizations to rediscover this force within themselves. That is why we call ourselves Orenda.

An increasing number of traditionally profit-driven organizations wants to contribute to a meaningful purpose. They want to do what is good for themselves, their employees and their environment. How do you get every employee -from top to bottom – to truly feel and embrace the purpose of your company? This is where we can help.

Orenda facilitates an enduring change in organizations who want to transform from profit-driven to purpose-driven.

Our Team

Our Vision on change

We believe that the purpose-driven way of working is not a trend, it’s a paradigm shift. The old, industrial way of working is coming to an end and a new system is arising. A system that is healthier and more connected. A system that is not just about ‘me’ but also about ‘we’.

What does it require of us to be successful in this connected network world?

How we work

Orenda specializes in bringing purpose to the work floor.  We support organizations in finding their own ‘corporate soul’ which we translate into behavior, processes and systems. We help your employees to shape the the transition; they determine the dot on the horizon. Orenda guides your organization in the process of getting there.

We monitor the progress with our Orenda Purpose Scan. Thanks to this unique change tool we are able to measure if we are ‘on course’, which actions we should take and whether there are sufficient resources in the organization to do this. Together we shape the transition in an organic, bottom-up way, while at the same time providing measurability and structure.

Why work with Orenda?

We strive for the highest quality of our services, so you can make the transition from profit to purpose in a way that lasts. That is why we attach great importance to the development of measurable knowledge and results.

Research based interventions

All our interventions are based on the results of research we conduct among Dutch companies. This enables us to provide you with optimal and substantiated guidance in the transition from profit to purpose.

Measurable results

With our advanced tooling based on artificial intelligence and big data, we are able to measure your progress and give substantiated advice on which next steps you can take to make the transition from profit to purpose

Knowledge leadership

Besides the fact that we’ve written one of the leading management books on the transition from profit to purpose, we have all made the transition in our own lives. We believe that our personal experiences can help you beyond any theory.

Our Book

Our book ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ describes our vision on change. It is a compact and readable guide to finding your purpose and implementing it in your organization. For everyone who would like to work in a purpose-driven and sustainable way. ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ offers insight in a new paradigm and the new way of working that comes with it.

We are proud of our Customers