Flourish@Work Program

We believe that flourishing, healthy and vital employees are a prerequisite for the transition from profit to purpose. Only when your employees are happy and healthy will you have enough power to start your journey. We help your employees get in mental and physical shape with our Flourish@Work Programme.

Building a flourishing workforce is the fertile soil for the transition from profit to purpose. Moving towards a flourishing and engaged workforce requires genuine human dialogue and a tailored approach. The Orenda Flourish@Work Programme helps to increase happiness at work in a measurable and practical way by providing tools that can be  applied directly in daily practice.


  • Tools to increase personal happiness setpoint
  • Learn to handle conflict in a non-violent way
  • Spread positive ‘vibes’ throughout the organization
  • Craft your job and create the right conditions for your happiness
Flourish@Work Scan

The Flourish@work Scan is a revolutionary new way to measure the happiness of your employees. The scan not only measures the current job satisfaction, but measures also the desired situation in six months’ time. In a single glance, it becomes clear what the wishes and ambitions of your employees are for the future.

This makes the flourish@work scan more than a regular employee survey. It’s an intelligent change tool that gives you a better understanding of what actions you can take to improve the performance and happiness of your employees. Thanks to smart algorithms the Flourish@work Scan generates a tailor-made action plan in which the available change capacity of your employees is taken into account and the necessary improvements are prioritized. This artificial intelligence is up to 4x smarter than the average manager, which means you can take the right steps in a well-founded manner.