How we work

Every organization is unique. That is why we do not work with a change blueprint. Instead, we support you in shaping your own journey into becoming a purpose-driven organization.

Every organization has a different starting point. We offer a flexible programme in which you can join at your own level so we can build on the steps you have already taken.

We identify three stages:

1. Get in shape

We believe that healthy and vital employees are a prerequisite for the transition from profit to purpose. Only when your employees are happy and healthy will you have enough power to start your journey. We help your employees get in mental and physical shape with our Flourish@Work Programme

2. Prepare for departure

The second step towards becoming a purpose-driven organization is about preparing for the journey. With the Orenda Purpose Scan we measure the ambition of your organization and which steps to take. Together we determine the purpose of your organization and ensure that your employees have a basic understanding of the new skills needed to start the transition.

3. Commence the journey

The third step is about starting the transition by practicing new behavior on the work floor, building a purpose-driven culture and developing organizational systems to support this. This is an organic and iterative process in which we actively support you with on the job coaching, additional training and continuous measurement of the progress.


Our focus is to guide your organization to the so called ‘tipping point’. When about 25% of your employees work in a purposeful way, the cart is over the proverbial hill and the change will start spreading itself.

To reach this tipping point, it is important to know who the change makers and informal leaders in your organization are. Our Orenda Purpose Scan can help you to find these valuable employees. Curious to know how? Click to button below and learn more about the Orenda Purpose Scan.

Read Our Book

Our book ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ describes our vision on change. It is a compact and readable guide to finding your purpose and implementing it in your organization. For everyone who would like to work in a purpose-driven and sustainable way. ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ offers insight in a new paradigm and the new way of working that comes with it.