Our Vision

Working from purpose, agile working, self-governing teams, circular business models, sharing economy… We live in a rapidly changing world full of new ways of working. We believe these new ways of working are not just random innovations. They are part of a big and profound change that affects us all.

To understand what we mean by this, it is important to understand how our current way of organizing has evolved. The way we build our organizations has it’s roots in scientific and industrial revolution of the 17th and 18th century. During this time, the world view changed radically. Thanks to new scientific insights, we began to see the world as a logical, measurable and linear machine that could be controlled by us. Within this industrial worldview, growth is linear and measurable and competition and self-interest are the keys to financial profit.

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Nowadays however, this industrial worldview has become outdated. The world no longer works as a logical linear machine. It has become a complex connected network that asks for new behavior and a new way of working. We identify four steps to prepare yourself and your organization for success in a connected world:


Within a connected network, different rules apply. When you are connected,  collaboration, letting go and choosing for the greater interest are the keys to success. Change starts by embracing this new paradigm.


If you know your place – or purpose – within the connected network, you know how to make a positive contribution. Your purpose also gives positive energy, or a ‘corporate soul’ to your organization that is felt by employees, customers and stakeholders.


In a connected world we need to be agile, trust and let go. Collaboration and innovation bring us new solutions and possibilities.


Systems are no longer linear and hierarchical, but adaptive and self-governing. They support and enhance connected behavior.

We believe it is time to discover the new connected paradigm together. We do this by creating awareness and by helping organizations to re-invent themselves in a connected way. We believe true change starts with growth in consciousness where linear growth becomes adaptive growth, where competition becomes cooperation and where ‘me’ becomes ‘we’.

Would you like if your organization is prepared for success in a connected world? Our Orenda Purpose Scan can help you.

Read Our Book

Our book ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ describes our vision on change. It is a compact and readable guide to finding your purpose and implementing it in your organization. For everyone who would like to work in a purpose-driven and sustainable way. ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ offers insight in a new paradigm and the new way of working that comes with it.