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We believe that real change happens in everyday practice. That is why we apply a hands on approach. By developing your employees into new purposeful behavior, building a healthy organizational culture and by implementing supporting systems, we help you to shape the transition from ‘profit’ to ‘purpose’ in a way that sticks.

We have a broad toolkit to support you and your organization in your journey into becoming  purpose-driven. The tools we present on this page correspond with our approach to facilitating the transition from profit to purpose. Do you want to know more about how we work?

Online Courses

To make it easy to cascade purpose in your organization, we have developed a number of online training modules. These training modules can be followed by all employees in an easy and accessible way, so that everyone has the right basic knowledge for the transition from profit to purpose.

Basic Transition Skills

Course 1

Cascading your purpose into your organization

Available in Dutch and English


Finding your purpose

Course 2

Incorporating your purpose into your daily life

Available in Dutch and English



Inspiration is an important element in the transition from profit to purpose. It makes clear what the case for change is and why you should change right now. We have developed three inspiration keynotes that offer you insightful perspectives in the areas of paradigm, business models and leadership.

Keynote 1: A connected perspective on change

The transition from profit to purpose. What does it mean? And how does it affect your organization?An inspirational lecture on a new paradigm that is arising

Keynote 2: Shared values and new business models

How do you work from shared values and how do you implement new business models? A practical lecture full of directly applicable tips.

Keynote 3: Purpose-driven leadership

How can we prepare ourselves for successful leadership in a connected world? How do we develop the right leadership skills for the transition from profit to purpose?

Orenda Purpose Scan

The Orenda Purpose Scan is probably the most valuable tool in our toolkit. Thanks to this scan, we can retrieve bottom-up information about the ambitions of your employees. It is a measurable and affordable approach to shape your unique transition towards a purpose-driven organization. With the Orenda Purpose Scan we are able to measure how purpose-driven your organization is right now, and what the ambitions of your employees are for the future. Based on big data analysis we generate a bottom-up change strategy which is fit for your organization and supported by your employees.





February, 11th 2019

Course Find Your Purpose
Den Haag
€ 595,-

May, 21th 2019

Course Happiness at Work
€ 345,-

May, 21th 2019

Course Happiness at Work
€ 345,-