Our toolkit

We call ourselves transition consultants. However, we believe that real change happens in everyday practice. That is why we apply a hands on approach. By developing your employees into new purposeful behavior, building a healthy organizational culture and by implementing supporting systems, we help you to shape the transition from ‘profit’ to ‘purpose’ in a way that sticks.

Orenda Purpose Scan

It is our aim to help as many organizations as possible to work from their purpose in a profitable way. This is why Orenda has developed a measurable and affordable approach to support the transition towards a purpose-driven organization. With our unique Orenda Purpose Scan we are able to measure how purpose-driven your organization is right now, and what the ambitions of your employees are for the future. Based on big data analysis we generate a bottom-up change strategy which is fit for your organization and supported by your employees.

Workshops & Trails

Purpose Finding Workshops

Purpose Finding Workshops

Our unique purpose finding workshops help you to uncover the organizational purpose


Trails & Outdoor Experiences

Trails & outdoor experiences

The Orenda Trails and Outdoor experiences help you to restore the connection with yourself and your team

Purpose Challenge

For teams

Do you want to work with your teams to really feel the purpose of your organization and act upon it? The Orenda 30-day purpose challenge for teams offers your employees the opportunity to embed the purpose in a playful and interactive way. Not only are they inspired to work together in a different, more connected way, they also get concrete tips, tricks and tools to implement this change in daily practice.

For leaders

This purpose challenge is for (informal) leaders who want to bring about a change in their organization. In 30 days you’ll learn how to anticipate on a rapidly changing world, what this means for you as a leader and how you can translate this to your job and your organization. You will be given concrete tools on how to implement new ideas in your organization and how to initiate change on the work floor.

For you

This purpose challenge is for everyone who wants to live and work with more meaning. In 30 days we look at how the changing world affects your behavior, how you can contribute to the world in a positive way and how you can do your work with purpose and from intrinsic motivation.

Flourish@work program

We believe that flourishing, healthy and vital employees are a prerequisite for the transition from profit to purpose. Only when your employees are happy and healthy will you have enough power to start your journey. We help your employees get in mental and physical shape with our Flourish@Work Program.