Public Speaking

Working from purpose, agile working, self-governing teams, circular business models, sharing economy… We live in a rapidly changing world full of new ways of working together. However; in practice it is often not easy to implement these new possibilities in your organization. After all, how do you ensure that your purpose is actually felt and lived through? And how do you implement new business and management models in a way that really sticks?

Judith Manshanden (1979) is a psychologist, professional (TEDx) speaker and author of the book ‘Tijd voor Nieuwe Zaken’ that was ranked second in the Buzinezz top 100 of best-selling management books. As social entrepreneur of GEEF CafĂ© Judith has first hand experience working with new business models.

Customized Lectures

During her lecture, Judith uses inspiring examples from the past and present and valuable lessons from practice to sketch a broader perspective on the transition from ‘profit’ to ‘purpose’. In an innovative way she shows you how a meaningful way of working fits within a great and profound change that affects us all.

The lecture will be customized to optimally match your wishes. Contact us now for more information.