Organizations with a purpose are more effective

An inspiring higher goal in your organization leads to upto 29% happier employees, 40% less burn-out related complaints and 300% more innovation. But not just that, by working from purpose you choose to do what is good for yourself, your organization and your environment. We have developed various tools to findĀ  purpose in your organization.

Purpose finding

During our purpose finding workshops we look for the purpose in your organization with you and your employees. Because we believe that the purpose should really be felt by your employees, we use techniques that not only appeal to the head, but also to the heart. The purpose is translated into a pledge to all stakeholders and concrete goals for your organization.

Orenda Purpose Scan

The transition from profit to purpose is not a lineair one. It is a pioneers journey that is unique for every organization. So where do you start? How do you determine which interventions you are going to deploy so that it is as effective as possible? And how do you ensure that the interventions are feasible?

To determine the path your organization should take in the transition from profit to purpose, we have developed the Orenda Purpose Scan.


We have collected a selection of blog posts for you that may inspire you in the transition from profit to purpose.