Sustainability without extra costs

Most of us agree; the current economic paradigm is not sustainable for future generations. Many organizations realize that now is the time to start working in a more sustainable way and make a positive contribution to people and planet. But where to start? One of the challenges many organizations face is how to free up the the initial investment on the short term to achieve sustainable results on the long-term. For this, we offer the solution.

Orenda makes it possible to invest in your long term sustainability goals with the money you save by optimizing your processes in the short term.

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Purpose Finding

With our Purpose Finding workshops we translate your purpose into stakeholder pledges and SDG-related measurable actions.

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Efficiency Boost

With our unique software we are able to forecast with 95% accuracy so we can cut out unnecessary waste and save you money.

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Sustainability Boost

With our SDG dashboard you have real-time insight in how to invest your freed up funds and measure your sustainable impact on people and profit.

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Transition Mgmt

With our unique Transition Management program your employees will be able to work with more purpose, embrace the changes and feel more engaged.

Working from purpose is above all a change in consciousness, and only then an organizational change.

We would like to keep you inspired!